You will be amazed to know that Android For PC Apps support Windows 7 , Vista and XP . You have to install an Android Emulator (available free) and use your Google Email account to start downloading Android Apps for PC . Try out Wechat , WhatsApp , Viber and all popular Android For PC Apps . Read our download and installation instructions below .


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Viber for PC Download – Mac Windows


Viber is a mobile app that is similar to Skype in that it allows you to make free calls to other Viber users, regardless of network. You can also send messages, images and share files, all completely free of charge, to other users.  There are no restrictions to countries either, you can use it to contact anyone anywhere

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WeChat for Computer Download – PC and Mac


WeChat is a relatively new android messaging app that allows you to make calls and send messages, free of charge, to any other WeChat users, regardless of what mobile platform you are on. Provided you have a working Wi-Fi connection on our mobile device or a data plan, there are no restrictions and the app

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WhatsApp Android for PC App Download - Run WhatsApp on Computer
TrueCaller Android for PC App Download - TrueCaller on PC
Download YouWave to Run Android Apps on PC
FruitNinja for PC Download- Windows Computer

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Android One-Click Authentication Lets Hackers Steal Passwords

android malware

In spite of improvement in usability in recent months, Android still has a serious malware problem. Not a week passes without another story of an issue discovered by a security firm and this week is no exception. Last week the Black Hat Security Conference took place resulting in a busy time for finding those exploits

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WhatsApp Push-to-Talk Feature Goes Live

whatsapp_pc app -android

Overnight, WhatsApp launched a new feature for their popular cross-platform messaging app – push to talk messaging.  It’s an OTA update rather than having to go into the Google Play app store. According to the co-founder and CEO of WhatsApp, the app now has more than 300 million users with more than 31 billion messages being

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Samsung in Trouble Again for Paying Bribe to Developers For Publicity

paying bribe samsung

Samsung are increasingly finding themselves in the news these days, or one reason or another. A little while back it was revealed that they had speeded up the Galaxy S4 for certain benchmark tests. And, in April, they were being investigated for what could be termed as possibly shady marketing techniques. Their marketing section apparently paid

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FruitNinja for PC Download- Windows Computer


If you love playing games on your Android mobile device, there’s a good chance you will be familiar with Fruit Ninja. This is a highly popular game that involves slashing as much fruit as possible to get the highest score, without hitting any of the bombs.  Now, as well as mobile platforms, you can download

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How to Delete Factory Installed Apps from Pre-Loaded Android Phone


Virtually any smartphone or tablet will have pre-loaded apps on it and Android ones are no exception.  All they do is take up precious space and resources so it’s only natural to want to get rid of them.  There are 2 ways to do this: Method 1: Disable Access your Settings app Tap on Apps

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Samsung Coded Galaxy S4 to Show High Benchmark Scores


Apple fans the world over will be falling on the floor when the learn that Samsung has cheated in the benchmark tests.  It would appear that they have used some kind of performance-enhancing code to make the clock speed faster during specific benchmark tests. The claims have been confirmed by AnandTech, hardware specialists who discovered

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FBI Can Activate your Android Smartphone’s Mic Remotely

android for pc small

A report from The Wall Street Journal tells us that the FBI have a secret weapon up their sleeves in their quest to keep on top of suspects. They can remotely activate the built in microphone on any Android smartphone or laptop and listen in to conversations. And you’ll never know they are doing it.

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Google Released “Find My iPhone” Alternative for Android

find my android

Find My iPhone  has always been a popular security feature on the iPhone and now Google are introducing their version for Android smartphones. Like, the Apple one, it will give Android users the means to track stolen or lost devices, remotely wipe the device, and send alerts to it. It’s called Android Device Manager and

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Galaxy S5 Body will be made of Metal – Patent Reveals


Right now, out of all the Android smartphones available, the Galaxy S range are the most popular, by a long way.  Only the iPhone has beaten it in sales figures. However, despite its huge popularity, many are becoming a little disillusioned with Samsung’s constant use of plastic.  While it may have the hardware to prove

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