Samsung Coded Galaxy S4 to Show High Benchmark Scores

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Apple fans the world over will be falling on the floor when the learn that Samsung has cheated in the benchmark tests.  It would appear that they have used some kind of performance-enhancing code to make the clock speed faster during specific benchmark tests.


The claims have been confirmed by AnandTech, hardware specialists who discovered that, during testing the GPU’s clocked at full speed and then goes back to slow for normal usage.  Testing discovered that the Exynos 5 Octa GPU has a clock speed of 533MHz – but it never runs at more than 480 for normal use. The higher speed is reserved purely for testing purposes.

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Image : Actual Test Results vs iPhone 5



The same results were discovered in the version of the S4 that carries the Qualcomm processor as well as all the other variants that have been used. The Exynos is found in the International model.  Just for information purposes, the Exynos processor sports a quad-core A15 processor at 1.6GHz and a quad-core A7 at 1.2GHz using a big LITTLE configuration. Certain benchmark tests appeared to favor one processor over the other, thus creating possibly abnormally high scores.

Image : Fake Samsung Galaxy Benchmark Scores


The same tests were run on the CPU as well as the GPU and the same results occurred. The tests were run while the handset was being used for gaming and the clock speed never went above 480MHz.  Deeper digging revealed code inserted in certain strings that forces the speed up in certain tests. The one named “Benchmark Booster” sort of gives the game away here. However, Samsung has never actually given any maximum speed for the Exynos processor so foul play cannot really be called in this instance.

On the other hand it is extremely misleading. If a consumer were to compare the benchmark tests results on a range of different handsets and purchased the S4 based on the high scores they could find themselves with a device that can’t handle what they want it for.

To be honest, if you are only purchasing a Galaxy S4 for normal everyday use then none of this will really matter. What will stick in people’s minds is the fact that Samsung have been seen to be cheating to manipulate the results in their favor. It would, on the other hand,  be interesting to run the same level of testing on other manufacturers smartphones, Apple, Nokia, Sony, for example, and see if the same thing is happening there.

Tell us what you think. First Seen on AnandTech .

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